Strategies for Vocabulary Learning among Iraqi EFL Students

Hayder AL Hamdany


Over the recent past, language learning in many institutions has focused on learning and teaching grammar hence leaving non-native students to explore vocabulary learning strategies individually without much assistance leading to some adopting ineffective approaches. This has made the English learning process very difficult, complex, and confusing for many learners. In this regard, this paper empirically explores the different methods applied by Iraqi EFL students in learning English vocabulary. In this study, 88 Iraqi EFL second year undergraduate students from the Arts and English departments in a middle of Iraq University were selected as the sample and issued with questionnaires regarding vocabulary learning methods and strategies. The respondents filled the questionnaires appropriately and the results were presented in a bar graph for analysis. The study focused on finding and comparing the frequency levels of vocabulary learning strategies applied by students from these departments using the Strategy Inventory for vocabulary learning methods. The responses obtained from the questionnaires were applied in eliciting the findings and the pedagogical as well as appropriate recommendations were made in regard to these findings. Finally, the findings showed that the use of Vocabulary Learning Strategies was low in terms of frequency and only memory vocabulary development strategies were predominantly used by learners. As such, little initiatives existed for encouraging vocabulary learning.

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