The Effect of TV Commercials on Iranian EFL Learners’ L2 Vocabulary Recall

Giti Rasouli, Elnaz Shoari


Without an adequate understanding of words language users cannot understand others or convey their own ideas. It gives us the ability to express our needs in desired manner. Since the inherent role of vocabulary teaching strategies cannot be denied the present study aimed at investigating the effect of ads on L2 vocabulary learning. The design of the study was quasi-experimental and carried out on sixty female EFL learners at elementary level. Cambridge Mover Test was run before the program in order to assure the level of the participants. Afterwards, one pretest on their word-knowledge was administered. When the program was finished one posttest was run on their vocabulary knowledge in order to measure the efficiency of ads. The results of the study revealed that ads had a significant effect on word-acquisition. This might be due to the authenticity of the ads that help learners get new words in context and with real aims.


advertisement, Iranian EFL learners, vocabulary learning, traditional instruction

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