Translation Strategies of Proper Nouns in Children’s Literature

Mozhgan Sabzalipour, Kian Pishkar


Translation of proper names are challenging task of a translator as there are not any consensus among translation scholars about their translatability or untranslatability. To tackle the problem, the present study attempted to apply Fernandes (2006) and Farahzad’s (1995) model of translating strategies of proper nouns in children’s literature from English into Persian. In order to conduct this study according to the translation strategies of proper names, the data (proper names) were extracted from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and then analyzed based on these strategies. The results of thepresent research showed that the translator has applied transliteration strategy, suggested by Farahzad more than other translation strategies (62.37%) and also all of Fernandes (2006) strategies were used by the translator except transcription, transposition and conventionality.


children’s literature, proper names, translation strategy, transliteration

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