A Corpus-based Study of the Grammaticalization Paths of the a NOUN of Construction

Huiqing Huang, Qingshun He


In this article a corpus-based study was conducted to investigate the grammaticalization paths of complex quantifiers with the a NOUN of construction in English. The nouns within the a NOUN of constructions in English were classified into two broad types, quantifiers and non-quantifiers, and complex quantifiers were recategorized into two types: definite complex quantifiers and indefinite complex quantifiers. According to the characteristics of nouns within complex quantifiers, two different grammaticalization paths were identified, one being from definite to indefinite, the other being from less indefinite to more indefinite. The research also indicated that the types of nouns following the complex quantifiers change with the process of grammaticalization.  


corpus-based, grammaticalization, complex quantifier, a NOUN of construction

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