A Study of School Dropouts in India: Sensitivity at Display

Syed Rooquiyya Tabassum


Education means enabling a student gain knowledge and wisdom in order to lead a better life. Boys and girls in Indian schools leave school education incomplete giving rise to the sensitive issue of school dropouts. The present study (review study) identifies reasons forcing Indian children to drop out of school, incorporates sufficient data to support the view and lays bare the comparison of boys and girls dropout rate. The data has been extracted from a site- Education for All in India in which a survey was submitted by TNS India Private Limited and also a similar study taken from an Indian newspaper- Times of India. While school dropout rate remains consistently high for boys, it is noteworthy and rather comforting to know that girls depict a low dropout rate. The present study identifies the reasons of dropouts such as- lack of interest in studies, domestic contribution of children for household chores, economic reasons and migration of families. The study paints a picture of helpless school going child and the effort to minimize school dropout rates which is in the hands of all the responsible citizens in India.


school dropouts, gender specific, school children, parents

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