The Role of Foreign Language Reading Anxiety in Advanced Learners' Foreign Language Reading Comprehension

Jaleh Hassaskhah, Shokooh Joghataeian


The present study was conducted to explore the relationship between Foreign Language Reading Anxiety (FLRA) and advanced EFL learners' reading comprehension. Moreover, this study was looking for the perceived reasons behind the learners' anxiety. In order to achieve this goal, a correlational research design was utilized. A total number of 41 participants who were homogenized by Oxford Placement Test (OPT) underwent FLRA Survey as well as a reading comprehension test. Since the distribution of the data was normal, a Pearson correlation test was used to calculate the correlation coefficient. The results showed that there exists no significant correlation between FLRA and reading comprehension performance of the advanced learners in this study. Further sources of perceived reading anxiety, drawn from interview data, are also mentioned.


Foreign language reading anxiety, Foreign language reading comprehension, EFL learners

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