Thai Students’ L2 Reading Comprehension Level for Lower Order Thinking Skills and Higher Order Thinking Skills Questions

Nuramah Hayikaleng, Subadrah Madhawa Nair, Hariharan N Krishnasamy


The purpose of this study is to investigate the Thai students’ L2 reading comprehension level for lower order thinking skills (LOTS) and higher order thinking skills (HOTS) questions. This study seeks to compare the scores between LOTS questions, HOTS questions and overall questions. The participants of this study were 60 first year students from a college in Pattani province, south of Thailand. The instruments used in this study are six reading comprehension passages. Each passage consists of six multiple choice questions (four questions for LOTS and two questions for HOTS). The findings indicated that Thai students’ mean scores for the overall achievement in comprehension are only at average level. The findings from paired sample t-test indicate that students mean scores for LOTS questions is significantly higher than HOTS questions. This study has crucial pedagogical implication to Ministry of Education and Teacher Training Division because serious planning and implementations are required to improve students’ EFL comprehension for HOTS questions.


L2 reading comprehension, LOTS questions, HOTS questions, overall questions, EFL

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