Cultural and Academic Challenges that International ‎Students Face While Studying Japanese Language at a British ‎University

Junko Winch


Lower track is not very familiar when discussing university students. However, there are lower track students in university language classes and the language teachers recognize them. This study focuses on lower track Chinese students’ who had behavioral problems went through cultural and academic challenges. Two aims of this study are: to identify the characteristics of Chinese and British educational cultures and; to ascertain if the Chinese students are able to reach average ability through the use of an experimental class. Participants are 3 Chinese second year undergraduate students who were studying Intermediate Japanese at a university in the South of England in 2017 for a duration of one semester. Students’ behavioral changes were observed before and after the experimental study. Two types of observations were used. The results of the cultural challenges showed that students went through the educational culture which is the opposite end of the spectrum. The results of academic challenge, lower track students who could not participate in class activities were able to participate toward the end of the semester. It was concluded that Chinese lower track students were able to reach the average level. 


culture, higher education, Japanese language teaching, lower track students

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