The Use of Podcast to Improve Students’ Listening and Speaking Skills for EFL Learners

. Ramli


This study attempted to investigate the podcast use in developing students’ English skills, listening and speaking. Technology has produced prominent contribution on education in this information age. It is well known as Edu technology. Podcast is one of interactive media applied to support learning process in the classroom in developing listening and speaking skills. This study reviewed some previous research and designed teaching instruction using Podcast. The result of observation found that the potential achievement in using technology affect both students and teachers. Students moderately engage themselves to sharpen their English achievement; listening and speaking with technology experiences. They obtained various instruction and interesting learning atmosphere. Besides that, teacher was also challenged to have an ability to integrate technology tool (such as Podcast) to perform creative instruction in classroom setting. Podcast provided tremendous topics and activities which make both teachers and students enrich their knowledge and develop their English skills in educational purposes.


Edu technology, Podcast, Listening and Speaking Skills

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