Examining the Presence of Letter “i" in the Interpretation of Quran Pak Text

Samaneh Satari


In the interpretation of Quran Pak, letter “i” along with its two phonemes “i and e” have been used in some words such as “Frishteh”. The same words in other texts have been written without letter “i”. In today’s written form of these words, letter “i” is not used. Researchers considered “i” phoneme for this letter and believed that the written forms of these words are based on the way they are pronounced in the dialect of the text’s writer. In this paper, according to the historical development of words, the results revealed that letter “i” in these words implies the phoneme “e” and does not present their dialectical pronunciations.


Interpretation of Quran Pak, Letter “i”, Frishteh=Fereshteh, Ki=Keh, Chi=Che.

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