Teaching and Learning of Russian at the University of Guilan in Iran

Abbas Sadeghi, Atefeh Sadeghi


This study examined the factors affecting the quality of teaching and learning in Russian language department at the University of Guilan in Iran. Questionnaires were distributed among 120 Russian students in the Faculty of Humanities. Also a semi-structured interview was conducted with 5 academic staff members to complete the information about the quality of teaching and learning. Results revealed that academic staff members frequently use modern instructional technologies and variety of teaching methods in their Russian language lessons. It was also found that students learn under harsh environment which is often rowdy congested and noisy. The main problems in the teaching and learning processes in Russian language department are the lack of books, newspapers, no group teaching and learning, shortage of supervision on the quality of teaching and learning processes, shortage of students' motivation, not enough research projects in the specific area like vocabulary store, not specific syllabus and inappropriate educational policy.


teaching, learning, Russian, language

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