EFL Students' Perceptions towards Using Social Media at Ajloun National University

Nour Bani Salamah, Amenh Abu-Dames, Hanaa Al-Zaareer, Samer Mahmoud Al Zoubi, Mahmoud A. Al.Sobh


This study aims at investigating EFL students' perceptions towards using social media at Ajloun National University. For the purpose of the study, the researchers used a questionnaire that includes statements about students’ perceptions towards using social media. The participants in this study were 50 (23 males & 27 females) EFL students chosen randomly from the Department of English Language and Literature at Ajloun National University. The results showed that the overall degree of the students’ perceptions towards using social media sites used by EFL students at Ajloun National University was high. This result highlighted the importance of those sites as effective sites used by the EFL learners in learning English language efficiently in the classroom communication. Moreover, the findings of this study revealed that there were no statistically significant differences between male and female students in their perceptions towards using social media sites. Finally, the researchers recommended that it is useful to encourage students to use different activities and exercises available on social media sites as much as possible because they could improve the process of learning English language. Besides, further studies should be conducted to measure the impact of social media sites in developing the four language skills (Listening, speaking, reading and writing).



Students' Perceptions, Social Media , EFL , Ajloun National University

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