Saudi EFL Teachers’ Perception of the Use of Discourse Markers in Developing Writing Skills of Adult Learners

Khaled Besher Albesher, Aisha Farid, Muhammad Sabboor Hussain Raja


Considering the importance of Discourse Markers (DMs) in EFL writing, this study aims to find out how the teachers teaching adult EFL learners in Saudi Arabia perceive the use of DMs in developing writing skills of their students. The quantitative research tool used in this study is an adapted form of the survey originally developed by Fung (2011). The responses to the survey have been analyzed by comparing the native-nonnative teachers’ perceptions and male-female teachers’ perceptions. The major research finding is that all the EFL teachers attach great value to the use and teaching of DMs, yet they feel forced to teach only those few DMs which are part of the textbooks and in which the students would be tested. Major recommendation is that all important DMs should be incorporated in the syllabus and made part of the assessment to make EFL adult Saudi learners proficient in writing skills.


discourse markers; Saudi EFL teachers; writing skills; quantitative tool

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