Methods Used in Teaching and Learning of Literature in the ESL Classroom and Adult Learners’ Attitude

Chittra Muthusamy, Syahaizad Mohd. Salleh, Angelina Subrayan Michael, A. Nalini Arumugam, Xavier Thayalan


The introduction of literature component in the Malaysian ESL context has brought much discussion on the importance of teaching the subject as part of the English Language syllabus in Malaysian primary, secondary and tertiary educational scenarios. This paper examines the findings of a study which investigated adult learners’ attitude towards approaches used in teaching and learning literature in a tertiary ESL classroom. The focus of this paper is on attitude, responses, qualities and shortcomings of adult learners toward methodologies utilised as a part of instruction and learning of literature in a TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) programme. The findings of the study acquired by means of quantitative and qualitative approaches reveal that the learners appreciate learning literature in the ESL context and prefer an assortment of exercises and activities in the classroom despite being independent learners.


methodology, teaching, learning, literature, ESL classroom

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