(Im)politeness Strategies in Top Notch and Iran Language Institute Book Series

Mustafa Zamanian, Mahasn Ghaiedi Karimi, Sara Mohammadi Kashkouli


Politeness strategies are those factors that should be taken into account since they have significant and crucial role in everyday communication. It is one of the outstanding features of teaching and learning a second or foreign language too. In this regard, and based on Brown and Levinson's theory (1987) of politeness strategies, the current study set to investigate the politeness strategies in Top Notch and Iran Language Institute (ILI) book series. The conversations of these two books were analyzed and Chi square was conducted to find the difference between strategies. Results revealed that there was no significant difference between the two series. To some extent the two series considered the strategies in the same way.


(Im)politeness strategies, Top Notch Books, ILI Books

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