Developing English Materials for Teaching Grammar: A Case of English Major Freshmen at the Faculty of Cultural Studies at the University of Brawijaya

Ida Puji Lestari


The study is aimed at composing materials in teaching English grammar to improve and increase students’ abilities in learning grammatical structure. To support the research, the suitable design that researchers applied is research and development (R&D). Hence, the background reason for this R&D is the classroom problems related to educational products. To know the problems that exists in the educational field, the researchers carry out need analysis as the first step in developing the materials to obtain the real information. The researchers examined the existing materials, and interview some lecturers. By carrying out the need analysis, the researchers find that the problem in teaching and learning process at English study program is that the students lack of activities or tasks served by the grammatical course book for first semester students  with communicative activities. Secondly, a lack of resource book for lecturers on grammar with communication orientation is identified. Therefore, as the following step, the researchers make a decision to the development of  a course book for the first semester students which consists of meaningful activities and tasks.   


developing materials, grammar, a course book, R&D design

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