The Writing Teacher is the (Real) Writer Herself: From Passionate Beliefs to a Professional Journey

Uzlifatul Masruroh Isnawati, Dhinuk Puspita Kirana, Enny Irawati


This research portrays the beliefs and practices of a teacher writer which shaping the journey of her professional development as a teacher writer. The teacher writer being investigated in this study teaching English at a one of junior high school in Indonesia. Being a teacher is one profession, so is the case being a writer is another different profession. Thus, become a teacher as well as a writer is a tenuous experience. In addition, such beliefs, experiences, and practices from a teacher writer are thought-provoking to explore, as there were only few to mention the teacher who concurrent as a writer. The data were collected through an in- depth interviews, questionnaires, and documentary studies. The research showed that the teacher’s beliefs on the practice of writing are consistent with her practice as reflected on her works as a professional writer. Her writing activities are also published along with her profession as a fulltime English teacher. The findings also revealed that she was actively involved in academic activities as her genuine passion to improve her professional development. Ultimately, this is the pondering that never goes out from full dedication and enthusiasm as a professional teacher writer.


writing, beliefs, teacher writer, professional journey

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