Plurilingiusm in EFL Students in Iraq: American University

Hayder Al Hamdany


The paper discusses the importance of plurilingualism in the EFL students of Iraq. It outlines on varieties of measures undertaken by Iraqi students to enhance foreign language in American University. The scenario of the study is based on the emergence of the English language becoming global language and consequences of this have impact on the learning stages of the English language among the Iraq EFL students. In order to ascertain the importance of plurilingualism in this context, this paper has discusses the effective measures such as reading newspaper, learning through Television and other measures has been adopted to validate the learning perspective of the EFL students. Finally, this paper analyses that the Iraqi students have their cultural influence in the accent and their beliefs are directed from their families who trigger them to learn Arabic language right from the birth age. This has fostered the plurilingualism in the classroom and has been presented by teachers. These perspectives have been instigated in the students who are willing to look forefront to this profession as their career opportunity. However, the EFL teaching profession has less impressive salaries.


Plurilingualism, Iraqi EFL students, American University

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