The Most Common Grammar-focused Approaches Used by Jordanian EFL Teachers at Secondary Schools

Abeer Al-Ghazo, Issam Mostafa Ta'amneh


The present study aims at investigating the most common grammar- focused approaches used by Jordanian EFL teachers at secondary schools. To achieve the purpose of the study, the researchers prepared a questionnaire to measure the participants' point of views toward the most common grammar- focused approaches used by them while teaching grammar. The participants of the study were 30 EFL teachers (15 males and 15 females). They were purposefully chosen from the schools in Ajloun Directorate of Education for the academic year 2017/2018. To analyze the participants' responses in the questionnaires, different statistics analyses were used. The results of the study revealed that there is a high interest in differentiating grammar practices and approaches used at EFL classrooms. Furthermore, the results showed that Jordanian EFL teachers have a high awareness of the different trends and approaches that they should adopt in teaching grammar and the reasons behind using them in their classrooms. Besides, they have a good ability to use these approaches and strategies, for the given activities and tasks that suit their learners' levels and needs, while teaching English as a foreign language.


grammar-focused approach, Jordanian EFL teachers, secondary schools

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