Evaluation of Iranian Second-Grade High School English Textbook Based on Needs Analysis Approach

Omid Akbari, Hossein Pourabbas


Needs investigation is imperative in English language not only for courses in English for particular purposes, but also for courses in general English. Instructive materials such as textbooks, which are used as an instrument for instructional purposes, must be inspected based on students’ language needs. Through a needs investigation approach, this article sought to investigate second-grade English text book widely applied to Iranian high school students. In the beginning, a questionnaire prepared on the students’ language needs and wants was distributed among 120 second-grade male high school students and then the researchers utilized the results of this investigation as the premise to survey the intended text book. The obtained results indicated that although all language abilities and elements were approximately significant for most of the learners, the text book couldn’t satisfy the students’ foreign language needs. At the end, it was proposed that the textbook needs to be improved or completed by means of other learning materials in order to be more efficient for the students.


needs investigation, textbook survey, language learners

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