Podcasting: Past Issues and Future Directions in Instructional Technology and Language Learning

Sajad Faramarzi, Akram Bagheri


Podcasting has been regarded as an innovative method in language learning and instructional technology which offers more flexibility and portability of language materials. The present study sought to investigate the role of podcasting technology in different domains of language learning and teaching by reviewing the previous research projects and offering new directions for future studies. Podcasting allows language learners and curriculum developers to broaden the learning style alternatives in a more friendly way by getting immeasurable access to teaching/learning resources. However, implementing this type of technology is not without its difficulties which are needed to be addressed more extensively. Various possible ways of utilizing this technology and different attitudes towards this are mentioned in detail. In conclusion, some future potential trends and recommendations are offered for those researchers interested in podcasting research.


podcast, podcasting technology, RSS feed, vodcast, subscription, videocasting

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