Semantics and Functionality of Ghanaianisms: A Survey

James Nsoh Adogpa


Ghanaians have expressions that are semantically divergent from Standard English and mostly defile explanations of lexicographers. These expressions are known as Ghanaianisms. It was found out that the semantics of Ghanaianisms is as a result of cultural factors such as taboos, traditions and the purpose of ‘we-feeling’. It was realized that different modes are adopted in getting expressions peculiar to Ghana function to carry the weight of their experiences. The use of Ghanaianisms is found to be employed by different categories of professionals; all dictated by the cultural environment of the people and how they view the world through the use of a foreign language.  Though it was found out that Ghanaianisms are a way of creating linguistic identity, it equally brings about identity crisis for both learners of English as a second language and teachers of English as a second language.


Ghanaianisms, semantics, functionality, survey, semantically divergent

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