Examining the Way Benin EFL Part-time Teachers Conduct Their Teaching, Learning and Evaluation Processes

Arlette J. Viviane Hounhanou


The present paper aims to examine how English as a Foreign Language (EFL) part-time teachers conduct Teaching/Learning, and Evaluation in their classes, the strategies and techniques used regarding the four EFL skills. It also provides a descriptive account of the training needs of Benin EFL part- time teachers who face the challenge of teaching EFL skills in secondary schools. A total number of 40 EFL part- time teachers participated in the pilot study. To obtain the data, qualitative research methods, namely questionnaire and interviews were both administrated to the part- time teachers, pedagogical advisors, and inspectors from Ouémé districts. Observation is also an important instrument used in this research. The results of the study revealed that part- time teachers had limited awareness in Teaching/ Learning/ Evaluation. It was suggested that there is a need for training Benin part- time teachers regarding the teaching and evaluation of language skills.


teaching/learning/evaluation, training in teaching, part-time teachers, EFL skills

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