EFL Teachers’ Job Satisfaction and Their Social Capital in Relation to Students’ Motivation

Naeime Hamedi, Behzad Ghonsooly


The present study explored the relationship among teacher job satisfaction, social capital and students’ motivation. The under study participants were 69 EFL teachers and their students of Mashhad and Ghoochan English private institutes. The population surveyed using JSQ (job satisfaction questionnaire and SCQ (social capital questionnaire) for teachers. The researcher also used Gardener’s (1985) motivation questionnaire to measure students’ motivation. The researcher used the Persian format of the questionnaire in this study. The results revealed that teacher job satisfaction is related to students’ motivation but teacher social capital is an independent variable and does not have any correlation with students’ motivation. These results mean that if teachers have high level of job satisfaction students will have higher level of motivation, but the level of social capital has not any direct effect on students’ motivation. According to results job satisfaction and social capital are independent from each other.


job satisfaction, teacher job satisfaction, social capital, motivation

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