Self-Directed Learning and Self-Efficacy Belief among Iranian EFL Learners at the advanced Level of Language Proficiency

Najmieh Basereh, Kian Pishkar


Iranian EFL students who were studying English at the advanced level in Language Institute in Bandar Abbas, Iran were chosen based on their performance in a TOEFL PBT from among 80 EFL learners to shape the participants of the study. The participants received the General Self-Efficacy Scale (GSE), which has been validated by Schwarzer and Jerusalem (1995) and a standard copy of Self-Directed Learning Readiness Scale (SDLRS) developed by Guglielmino (1977). The findings of the present study revealed that there was a significant relationship between Self-Efficacy Belief and self-directed learning of Iranian EFL learners at the advanced level of Language Proficiency. The findings of the study could be used by English teachers, and EFL learners in the EFL and ESL context.


self-directed learning, self-efficacy belief, learner autonomy

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