The Effect of TV Commercials on Improving Iranian EFL Learners’ L2 Speaking Ability

Elham Moeinmehr, Elnaz Shoari


Speaking is at the center of second language learning but has been rather overlooked in teaching and testing for some reasons. There is no doubt that authentic materials are of significant role in the, overall process of language learning. Thus, the present study aimed at finding the effect of TV commercials on Iranian EFL learners’ speaking. Sixty female learners at intermediate level participated in this quasi-experimental study which lasted one academic term. A language PET test was administered before the program for assuring the proficiency level of the participants. The results of the study provided strong supports for the positive effect of TV commercials. The effect can be justified by the authenticity of ads, since ads almost always are designed for native speakers in real contexts of use.


TV commercials, traditional instruction, speaking

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